Children and Youth Choral World Championship

St. Petersburg, Russia

February 13 – 17, 2019
February 19 — 23, 2020




To Organizers and Participants of the

5th Children and Youth Choral World Championship


Dear friends!

            I am glad to welcome the participants, organizers, jury members and guests of the 5th Children and Youth Choral World Championship!

            In five years of its existence, the Championship was able to become a significant event in the bright palette of the cultural life of St. Petersburg. This unique project helps to preserve the traditions of choral singing, enables the representatives of the musical community and teachers to get acquainted with the work of their colleagues, compare the achievements of various schools of choral singing.

Every year the geography of participation expands. The best teams from different regions of Russia come to our city, as well as from Finland, Latvia, China, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Moldova. Thanks to this, our young talents have the opportunity not only to demonstrate their creative achievements, but also to find new friends, meet the culture of other countries and peoples.

I am sure that the anniversary 5th Children and Youth Choral World Championship will present an unforgettable holiday for the citizens of St. Petersburg and guests of the city, and will help the young talents to reveal and demonstrate their abilities to the widest audience.

I wish that all the participants perform successfully and conquer new creative peaks!

Yours faithfully, Chairman of the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg K.E. Sukhenko.


Dear friends!

      I am glad to welcome you to the 5th Children’s and Youth Choral World Championship!

      The annual championship becomes a good St. Petersburg tradition. It is gratifying that every year the number of participants of this festival of choral music increases. Some collectives try their hand not for the first time — however, I’m sure that for you every appearance on the stage is just as exciting as for those who participate in this musical contest for the first time.

      Here, in the heart of St. Petersburg, you will perform at the most beautiful venues of our city, fully enjoying its cultural life. It is especially pleasant that St. Petersburg University, alma mater of many outstanding figures of culture and art, with its richest traditions is part of this wonderful event. We are rightly proud of the University Choir, its achievements and victories, brilliant performances that have won over the major concert venues – the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Mariinsky Theater, and          Carnegie Hall.

Dear friends! We will be glad to see you within the walls of St. Petersburg University. I wish you inspiration, bright impressions and, of course, good luck!

Rector of St. Petersburg State University, N.M. Kropachev.


Dear colleagues, friends, fans of choral singing!

I wholeheartedly welcome the organizers, participants and guests of the anniversary Fifth Children’s and Youth Choir World Championship!

It is gratifying to know that it is in the cultural capital of Russia that such a creative contest has become traditional and recognizable. The uniqueness of the Championship is in its preservation and augmentation of the heritage of the choral culture, popularization of choral singing, contact with the world schools of composition, where a special place is devoted to the works addressed to children and youth. Joint rehearsals and grandiose gala concerts, as well as other special projects of the Championship are aimed at drawing attention to choral singing as the most democratic and effective kind of human communication.

I am sure that once again new impressive achievements of choral art will be demonstrated at the Championship, and the project, celebrating its first jubilee, will rightly remain the most important cultural event of the Northern capital.

I wish all participants of the Championship inspiration and creative victories, guests – unforgettable impressions, and organizers – successful running of this grandiose choral forum and its further prosperity.

A.N. Vasiliev, Rector of the St. Petersburg N.A. Rimskiy-Korsakov State Conservatoire, award winner of the International Competition, artistic director and conductor of the A. Paulavichyus Youth Symphonic Orchestra, professor.


Greeting of Archbishop Ambrose of Peterhof, Rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy of the Russian Orthodox Church

            I warmly welcome all the participants and organizers of the 5th Children and Youth World Choral Championship, hosted by our northern city.

            Adriano Celentano, the outstanding actor of Italian cinema in one of his roles quoted the blessed Augustine, who said that «he who sings, prays twice.» The church tradition has always singled out singers, especially blessing them for this ministry. And these days we will see young boys and girls who are just beginning to know the world around them, but have already found in their hearts a place for one of the most beautiful phenomena in the human life — music and singing.

            The participants of the Championship, however young they may be, already know a lot about the art of singing. In this regard, I would like to wish you that the singing techniques that you study and the musical skills that you acquire would not turn into a dead tools, obscuring the living soul of music.

            I wish the participants and guests God’s help and His blessings for good deeds.

Ambrose, Archbishop of Peterhof, Rector of the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.


I cordially greet the participants and guests of the Fifth Children and Youth Choral World Championship!

The Children and Youth Choral Championship is a festival of music and creativity, it is the joy of communication and friendship, heated by the passionate competition, in which the main thing is not victory, but participation!

I will voice an idea that I never tire of repeating: nothing unites and brings children together as CHOIR!, as playing music together, as shared responsibility at rehearsals or at a concert.

And one more thought, addressed to adults — parents, teachers, educators. Our today’s children are called the «generation of lowered heads.» They are immersed in gadgets, they are increasingly communicating with each other via text messages. The task is to distract the kids from the soulless Internet and carry them away with choral art, developing emotions and kindness, commitment and concentration.

I am convinced! The CHOIR is our reliable helper in raising good people!

Let these days of February 2018 be bright and memorable, because the Children and Youth Choral World Championship will start on the 21st!

People’s Artist of Russia, composer, professor Ya.I. Dubravin.